Thursday, February 13, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo [Review & Swatches]

I know, I know, I'm totally late on this particular product but I really have always LOATHED cream shadows and I've never ever wanted to use them for any reason at all.  The closest that I've ever gotten to using a cream shadow for anything was using the NYX JEP in Milk as a base for a few colors and, honestly, I really only used it for tutorials and not actually when I would do my makeup.  When I do my makeup these days, I'm usually rushing through it.  Not because I'm in a hurry or because I don't like doing my makeup but, I currently have to do my makeup at my bathroom sink and I can't get comfy and relax and play around as much as I want to and I just kind of want to get in and get out.  Ya feel me!?

So why did I even pick these up in the first place?

I've been on this crazy kick where I do my brows, add some concealer to clean them up and act as a natural highlight and then I want ONE color on my lid.  One.  I don't want to overdo it, I'm currently working two jobs, I want something to last me all day long and something that will transition from job to job or from job to play.  So, I started using the shades that I had that I liked enough on their own but it was still a pain to have to dig them out every day and use a brush and blah blah.  I'm pretty lazy at 6am, I'm not going to lie and I already HAVE to do my brows with a brush and use my concealer with a brush because, if I didn't, I wouldn't feel right.  The brows have to be done, period.  So, something that I could use with my finger, apply super quick, looked nice on its own, lasted all day and was easy to store and apply.  BOOM, Maybelline Color Tattoo!

Now, like I said, the point of my color choices was to get colors that look really good on their own with my eye color and skin tone and colors that were just super versatile and pretty neutral for right now.  Those are basically the only factors that went in to my color choices for these.


  • Very pigmented 
  • Easily blended out
  • Applies easily with your finger
  • Blends with other shadows easily
  • Great as a base
  • Packaging is nice and they're easily stored
  • Without primer, there was no creasing after 10 hours, which is as long as I've worn any of these so far
  • The pot has a really wide mouth so, even when the product gets low, you'll still be able to reach it without any problems
  • Without a primer, they lose pigmentation throughout the day

They really need a million more colors.

Purchase Price $$$
  • Target - $5.99  (where I bought Bad To The Bronze)
  • Ulta - $6.99
As far as I know, these weren't on sale when I purchased from Target and when I purchased from Ulta they were buy one get one 50% off.  Great deal for these but they're still $1 more at Ulta.

Shades Purchased
  • Bad To The Bronze
  • Barely Branded
  • Tough As Taupe

These have really changed my opinion on cream shadows.  I like them, they're nice.  I don't know if it's the packaging, the pigmentation or the awesome colors (maybe it's all three) but I love them.  They're actually really creamy and they don't dry out and flake and crease on my lid throughout the day and every other cream shadow that I've ever used has done that to me.  Big time.  So, I'm totally happy with them, I wish that the pigmentation was 100% spot on throughout the day WITHOUT a primer but honestly, the loss in pigmentation isn't that bad and I could still see myself wearing these without a primer if I was out of primer or forgot primer or whatever. *I should also add that using these with primer doesn't enhance the color at all because they're so pigmented, it just makes them last a bit longer.  I also really like that these look like they'll last me my entire life.  There's SO much product in these jars for them to be so pigmented.  You barely have to use any!  There's 4 grams of cream in these jars!!  And they're pretty indestructible, I'm pretty positive that I could throw this at my wall and it would break through the wall before it broke the jar and that's wonderful since I tend to be pretty clumsy and I tend to drop and shatter things.

Tell me more.
What do you think about these colors?  Do you own any Color Tattoos?  Which ones and how do you like them?  Which colors do you recommend?


  1. hello dear. you have very nice blog. I love it <3
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  2. I love color tattoos, but you're right about the lack of colours - we have even fewer in the UK! =[ I usually use mine as a base