Sunday, September 1, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes; Flash! Lacquer

So, Vee asked me to do something really awesome!  Pick eight eye shadows from her line that I wanted to see as polishes!  I had so much fun with this and I was so surprised in the way everything turned out! All of them applied evenly, smoothly and they're all VERY pigmented! 

Chocoholic- This shadow as a polish is just as gorgeous on the nails as it is on the eyes.  It's a great color for fall and it has a gold shift that pairs with the brown perfectly.  Chocoholic is one of my all time favorite GDE colors!

Heedless Heart- So, we all swooned when we got this color as an OTM last year and we all cheered when it was voted into the the permanent line so why wouldn't I pick it?!  The pink is so frosty and pretty and I really can't wait to do a mani with this one and use some silver or gold glitter on a few nails.  This is a really pretty color for work and can be blinged up for play.

Immature- I've never been able to pull this color off as anything but a liner but I love it so so much.  I really love that you can see the green shift in the photo that I took.  This is one of the more pigmented ones, I didn't really need two coats but I used two coats anyway.  *This one will stain so, just make sure to use a base coat with it!

Infectious- Another one of my GDE favorites since I love neutrals and Fall colors.  It was really love at first sight, this color is great for both work and play as well.

Lace Panties- My first mani was with this color because I love my purples and I LOVED that the gold shift stayed with it as a polish.  It's a very professional but a very fun color.

Phyrra- I don't normally wear pinks unless it's on my toes but I rocked this color for a whole week.  The blue shift is VERY noticeable and it makes this a pretty unique and gorgeous color.

Unicorn- If I've ever had a favorite pink (pinks and I never really get along) it would be Unicorn.  It's a mix of pink and purple and almost looks to shift to blue.  I'm pretty sure it will be my first empty bottle.

Fabulous!- Gorgeous blue shadow, even better as a polish!

What do you think?!  Will you be picking any of these up?  Find them under the "Flash! Lacquer" tab!

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  1. Lovely colors that you picked! I was so hoping that Unicorn would be done, and yay that it's the first blogger! :) I have November, so I would love for you to stop by and see my picks!

    1. I can't wait!! Unicorn just HAD to be done! It's one of my favorites from the polishes!

  2. Love these!! I have Fabulous as a pigment and it's one of my faves!! I'm October's girl :-D