Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust; Stevie & Dahlia


Another review on textured polishes!!  Surprised?!

So, last week I did a post on Nyx, another Pixie Dust from Zoya.  You can read that review and see the swatches [here].

I ordered SEVERAL of these because I love that they have the matte textured finish with the sparkle.  They're just amazing.

I wore Stevie last week and I have Dahlia on my nails now and I'll be switching to Liberty on Monday (there will be another post on that color) so, time for another post!

Once again, application was SUPER easy, the formula is really nice and the wear is amazing.  I'm horrible when it comes to applying polish, it always turns out so weird and sloppy looking no matter how hard I try but I was able to apply these perfectly.  I didn't have to clean up anything afterwards.  

Removal is super easy, I used two cotton balls and the job was done.  Glitter will be all over your fingers afterwards but a good scrub with some soap and water will get it all off.

Stevie is a gorgeous lavender with a ton of silver sparkle and Dahlia is a black with silver sparkle.

Photos were taken under florescent lighting with a super soft flash.  It was dark, sorreh.  

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  1. Both nice but Dahlia edges it for me! xoxo.