Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dry Shampoo; A Quick Review!

This one will be super quick, we all know what dry shampoo is and what it's supposed to do.

Long story short, I have fine hair that tends to get oily quickly and I was one of those people that HAD to wash my hair daily to keep from looking super greasy and unwashed.

I've tried a RIDICULOUS amount of dry shampoos and spent so much money trying to find one that I truly liked and I think I've found that "great" dry shampoo.

This comes in the regular form (white spray) in many different scents for $7.99 online and in stores at Ulta.  It also comes in tinted forms for all different hair colors for $8.99 online and in stores at Ulta. Travel size cans are available online and in store at Ulta for $3.99. Size and price comparison for full size and travel size will be included in the blog with the pictures.

*Ulta is the only store I've ever actually looked for this product in.  I honestly have not looked for it anywhere else so, if you find it somewhere else, let us know!!

Dry shampoos can do one of three things:

  1. They can be a little too much and be difficult to brush or blow dry out of your hair, leaving you with an ashy look.
  2. They can be pointless and spray out white residue onto your hair and not get rid of the oiliness.
  3. Or they can be great regardless of the color and absorb the oil as well as be brushed or blown out easily.
This dry shampoo is number three all the way!

I do have SUPER dark brown hair right now so, white shows up like crazy and I'm able to let this set for a few minutes and then comb it out just fine.  I don't have a problem with this building up, leaving any kind of residue or leaving my hair looking ashy.

The Smell:
  • The travel size was Clean and Classic "Original" and it has a citrus scent.  It's not overpowering, not floral and it doesn't have that weird aerosol scent that I find attached to a lot of dry shampoos.
  • Full Size in Cherry. This was one of the $7.99 ones because it's just the regular white formula for dry shampoos.  I sprayed a little on my hair when I got home just to be able to smell it and it's AMAZING.  I'm going to have a really hard time moving away from this scent.  
  • Full Size in Dark and Deep Brown. This was the tinted one so it was $8.99, I've never used a tinted dry shampoo so I'll let you know if it fades or "bleeds" or makes my scalp a weird color or anything like that.  This one smells pretty sweet, I can't really put my finger on what it is but it's nice.  Again, not floral and no weird chemical aerosol smell.
  • There are quite a few different fragrances that you can purchase, five total in the regular line and there are three different tinted ones but **I don't know if each tinted dry shampoo has the same scent.
Lasting Power:
  • The travel size bottle at 1.6oz lasted me six days total so I did get quite a few uses out of it.
  • With the full size being 6.73oz I'd imagine, since I bought three bottles, That I'm looking at enough dry shampoo for a few months at the very least.  
For the price, you honestly can't beat the quality, in my opinion.  I absolutely love this and it's the cheapest dry shampoo that I've bought.  I'll post a review of the three different brands that I've tried this past month and compare them all but seriously, this one is the winner.

Travel Size VS Full Size
Travel Size is 1.6oz and $3.99 plus tax.
Full Size is 6.73oz and $7.99 (regular) or $8.99 (tinted).
You get quite a bit for your money but the travel sizes are nice for traveling (of course) and for just trying out the product or gift giving.  I also noticed that they did have the travel sizes in several different fragrances as well so you can mix and match.

  • What do you think?
  • Have you heard of this product before?
  • Is this something that you're interested in trying?
  • Have you used it and, if so, how did/do you feel about it?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Look & Swatches : Essence Eye Sorbet

Hello everyone! 

It’s been a while but I’m finally back into action.  Long story short, I was working in a position that had me on the clock 24/7 and it was HELL and seriously stressful.  I’ve recently made a career change and I actually have free time to indulge in makeup and everything else that makes me happy!

Coming at you today with a post about a product that will take your shadows from just being okay to being FABULOUS!  It’s actually something that I stumbled upon today at Fred Meyers store.  If you don’t have a Fred Meyer around you, I have seen this brand at Ulta as well.

I’ve been on this total kick of champagne pinks and golden pinks and golden apricots and anything that looks super bronzy and glam while still being able to pull off that “We all know I’m wearing makeup but aren’t I just GLOWING?!” look.  That’s why this product and particular shade caught my eye.

  • This product is called Eye Sorbet and it’s from a brand called Essence.  I’ve used a few of their products in the past (a few blushes and a marker liner) and I’ve loved them and haven’t had any complaints so I was all about spending ONLY $1.99 on this!
  • It looks like a cream shadow in a pot like the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows and that’s what I thought it was.  I was very excited about that color directly on my lids.  I was a LITTLE disappointed when I found out that it’s not really a cream shadow.
  • According to the Essence website: “sorbet for your eyes! the innovative, long-lasting, gel-like mousse-texture is easy to apply with your finger. beautiful shades with light coverage and lots of shimmer are sure to make your eyes shine as bright as the stars! the fluffy eye sorbets with a subtle cooling effect are also ideal for use as highlighters.
  • Once I found out that they’re mostly for light coverage projects, I immediately started layering the one that I bought with different colors.

Which one did I buy?

I bought Illuminating Hazelnut (which looks more pink than brown in the jar, imo)

Pros & Cons?

Very easy to work with an easy to spread, doesn’t seem to dry anything out (I will be testing this and following up).  HUGE con here, they’re NOT sealed.  I looked through about four before I opened one that looked brand new and didn’t have finger smears in it.  I came home and sanitized everything I could before using it.

What it looks like in the jar:

What it looks like over Reckless Devotion (a gorgeous pink with an INTENSE gold shift) from Glamour Doll Eyes:

You can see swatches and purchase Reckless Devotion by clicking here

What it looks like over Obscure (matte taupe) from Glamour Doll Eyes and Tough As Taupe (matte taupe) which is a Maybelline Color Tattoo:

What it looks like over NYX JEP in Milk & Black Bean and Urban Decay shadow sticks in Rehab (brown) and Delinquent (purple):

From what I’ve seen there are six different shades, some show more color than others and are more opaque than others so they could quite possibly be worn alone.  I personally will not be wearing the Illuminating Hazelnut on its own, it’s just not opaque enough by itself and, when you build it up, it looks more silver than anything.  Maybe if it were more of a brown or a pink on its own, I would try it by itself.

  1. So is this a product that you’d like to try?
  2. Have you tried this product and, if so, what are your thoughts?
  3. Does this product look like it might be a dupe for something higher end that you currently use or have used?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter Makeup Routine

I don't know about you guys but, my skin gets CRAZY dry in the winter time.  Honestly, no matter what I do, it's still insanely dry and I have dry patches all over my cheeks.

I've changed my face washing routine, my moisturizer, used intensive hydrating masks, upped my water intake, etc.  And this has all been over the years.  Nothing resolves it.  Using a cream cleanser, heavier moisturizer and face masks do help but nothing makes it go away 100% during the cold, windy winter months in Washington.

That means a new makeup routine!

I use a plain jane liquid foundation, nothing special.

I normally use my Sedona Lace 928, which is just a flat top powder brush.  I get the foundation on my face and buff away using the brush and I get a pretty flawless finish.  Unfortunately, dry skin/patches + buffing doesn't = anything good.  I end up with very noticeable dry spots and it's not very attractive.

The one thing you don't want to do when your skin is supper dry is "pull" anything across your skin.  That will just make the dry areas worse and it will make your makeup cake up around your dry spots.  So, I knew I needed to start "patting" on my makeup.

I hate sponges.  I HATE THEM.

So, I started using a foundation brush (SL 727) to get the foundation on my face.  I distribute it across my face in patting motions.  Then I take my stippling brush (SL813) and just "pat" my foundation in.  It takes a little bit longer than just buffing but it doesn't pull up any dry patches and it doesn't cake my foundation anywhere.  The only thing you have to remember about using a stippling brush when blending out foundation is LAYERING.  If you slap all of the foundation on your face at once, it's going to take forever to "blend" it.  Use it layer by layer and it's quick, easy and it'll make your skin look amazing.

Also, since my cheeks are my biggest problem area with the patches, my stippling brush doubles as my blush brush.  I just tap it in the blush and tap it on my face, works like a charm!

What do you do differently with your skin in the winter time?  What types of products work best for you in the winter months?  Which products do you have to switch up?

Before makeup - As you can see, I have red patches and my skin tone is super uneven.  I'm also breaking out a bit (girl time) and I have dry patches all over my cheeks.

After patting foundation on with the foundation brush

After stippling for the first time

After applying another thin layer of foundation with the foundation brush

After using the stippling brush for the last time

After patting on some matte powder with a large powder brush

Finished product - I also used a stippling brush for the bronzer/blush.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Follow Up; Dollar Shave Club

Well, it's been two weeks since I got my Dollar Shave Club package in the mail and I'm loving the blades!

I started off shaving every day like I normally do but I skipped a few days here and there and had no issues.  With my Venus razor I'd have prickly legs within an hour of shaving, if it was chilly and, if it wasn't, they'd be prickly when I woke up the next morning.  I get such a close shave with these blades that, even with goosebumps, my shave lasts for at least two days!

The blades glide easily over the skin and there's no need fr multiple passes, which was also something that I always had to do with both Venus and Schick.

Like I said last time, the handle is heavy and feels really nice in my hand and for $6 a month, 4 blades is MORE than enough.

Just in case you don't think you'll use 4 a month, they have an every other month option as well!!

I'm hooked and I'm going to continue to purchase.  I might switch to every other month just because it's already the 13th and I'm set to have another box shipped on the 21st and I just switched to my second blade today so, I've only used half of what I have.  Idk, I might keep it monthly for a while!

Also, if you decide to order, please use my link to sign up!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Unboxing & First Look; Dollar Shave Club

I love my boyfriend's razor.  I love it more than any razor I've ever bought for myself and, believe me, I've bought A LOT trying to find the perfect one.  Since he's not a huge fan of me using his razor all the time (even though I'm considerate and switch out the blade) he made me buy my own and I went back to Venus.  I'm not saying anything bad about Venus, they have great razors but they're TERRIBLY expensive and, even though I get a close shave when I first use them, it doesn't last very long at all.  I noticed that with my boyfriend's razor I got at least a day and a half of smooth legs, which is a long time for me when I shave instead of wax.  I was going to just go buy a duplicate razor like the one he has but I kept seeing Dollar Shave Club on my news feed so I decided to give them a try.

I paid $6 flat for a starter box containing:
1 handle
4 heads with four blades
1 sample of Shave Butter

The handle:
I LOVE the weight of it.  It's a legit heavy handle and it feels sturdy and expensive and it LOOKS sturdy and expensive.  I'm very impressed.

The blades:
They come in a plastic cartridge holder for easy storage and they look pretty legit.  This is just the unboxing so, I haven't USED them yet but I will in about 15 minutes when I'm done with this and I'll have a follow-up in a few days.

The Shave Butter:
Their own personal shave lotion.  I'm super excited to try it, I have a really bad problem with dry skin and razor bumps on my legs and I'm hoping that I'll love it.

The ship time:
I ordered on the 21st (Thursday) late in the evening and I got the package on the 29th (Friday).  The only thing that I really didn't like was that I didn't get a shipping email or any kind of tracking.  But, I can deal with that.

If I like the shave (and the butter) I'll continue to purchase.  You can't beat what you get for the price.

Updates in a few days!

Have any of you ever ordered?  Which package?  Were you satisfied?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rant [NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation]

I've been using a BB cream from Garnier for the longest time now and it's given me the coverage that I need/want and the finish but I just wanted something new.  Something about it was just boring me and like anyone addicted to makeup and trying new products, I went on the search for a new foundation.

I have combination skin, I'm dry with an oily t-zone.

I was in Ulta and had planned on getting some NYX Butter Balms because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Butter line (they're amazing) and they had them buy 1 get 1 half off.  While I was looking for a color I spotted a concealer that I wanted to try and then right beside it was this foundation (and since it was bogo NYX time, I had to get something else) so I decided to try it.  I was a little nervous because MOST things that are matte dry me out and hate my skin but it was around $7 so, I bought it anyway.

Now, before I start ripping this horrible product apart, I'd like you to know that I've been wearing it for two weeks now using MULTIPLE methods when it comes to applying it and using two different primers and no primer at all.  So I gave it the fairest chance that I possibly could.

The first thing that I noticed when I went to apply it is that it's VERY thick and a little goes a very long way.  It also hates, and I mean HATES, brushes.  It gooped up my brush as soon as I tried to use it and there were these god awful streaks all over my face.  I tried my stippling brush and that made it okay-ish but it still didn't look great.  Now, I have major redness across my nose and on my cheeks sometimes (it comes and goes) and it just so happened to be hanging around.  This did absolutely NOTHING to cover it.  At all.  I know, that's why you have concealer but, when I tried putting concealer over it, it's like it repelled the fucking foundation and they parted ways.  Literally, they moved away from each other.  I got it looking KIND OF okay and was running late so I had to leave.  By the end of the day I looked a huge mess and it was rather embarrassing.

Long story short, over the past few weeks I've tried brushes, fingers, sponges, two different face primers, setting it and not setting it, etc etc ETC.

Today was the day that I threw in the towel.  I can't stand looking disgusting 3 hours after I apply it, I can't stand the way it brings out an outrageous amount of oil in my t-zone, I can't stand the way it runs away from my concealer and does nothing even close to what a full coverage foundation does and I can't stand the way it begins to separate almost right after I apply it.  But today, TODAY I WAS SWEATING. melted and ran down my face and collected around my nose, on my upper lip and on my chin.  Literally the grossest thing I've ever seen.

Scary shit.

So, now I'm on to the Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation.

Anyone ever used either of these?  Love them, hate them?  Let me know!

Friday, May 30, 2014

e.l.f Cosmetics [Lip Exfoliator]

Today I'm coming at you with something SUPER cheap and extremely effective!

I've always had a problem with really dry lips and it's a hassle to have to use multiple products at night/in the morning when I'm washing my face.  I'm lazy when it comes to things like that so, even though they were dry and I couldn't wear lipstick without them looking gross, I never remembered to scrub my lips until after I had already used my moisturizer and by then, it was too late.


The scrub looks like a lipstick and it's very abrasive. You apply it just like you would a lipstick except you go in circles way more and just...scrub.  It's something super simple that I DON'T have to wash off, it doesn't make a mess and because it's in a lipstick tube, it's very portable.  This means that I can scrub at night, scrub in the morning and scrub before I put on a lip color just to make sure there's no dry flaky bits that are going to stick out once the color is on there and there's no going back.

This was sent to me by a friend but it's only $3 from e.l.f and worth every penny.  No fuss, super fast and effective lip scrub!  If you've been looking for something that's 100% hassle free and something that you can use any time, any place then buy it.  Immediately!  

Have you used this?  What are your thoughts?  If you want to purchase, I'll leave the link below!